SS Instruments Manufactures automobile cable testing machines like

  • Load & stroke testing machine : 100Kg capacity and 50mm displacement sensor
  • Inner elongation testing machine: 1000 Kg load and 300mm displacement sensor
  • Outer compression testing machine : 1000 Kg load
  • Buckling testing machine : 1000 Kg load
  • Endurance testing machine : 100 kg load and 25 mm displacement sensor
  • Proof load testing machine : 100 Kg, 200 Kg, 500 Kg and 10,000 Kg
  • Speedo meter Braking torque testing machine : 30Kg–cm
  • Tensile testing machine : upto 5000 Kg capacity
  • Water leak testing machine
  • Air leak testing machine
  • Speedo meter endurance test rig

Buckling Testing Machine

Load and Stroke Testing Machine

Water Leak Testing Machine

Endurance Testing Machine

Inner Elongation machine control panel

Tensile Testing Machine

Outer Cable Cutting Machine

Outer Cable Compression Testing Machine

Belling Machine

Speedo Endurance Testing Machine