We wish to inform you that SS INSTRUMENTS CALIBRATION center is accredited with NABL in Mechanical discipline (both In-house and onsite facilities) with intention to support all our existing customers and also to support new customers.

Our lab is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certified

We offer the following Instruments with NABL / Non NABL certification

  • Load testing machines as per IS 1828:2015/ISO 7500
  • Pressure measuring systems as per DKD-R_6-1_2016
  • Displacement measuring systems and sensors by comparison method
  • Temperature Instruments by comparison method

UTM, CTM, TTM. Force measuring machines

Range :

20N, 200N, 2000 N(2KN), 20 KN and 200 KN with NABL

1000 KN Non-NABL

Pressure measuring systems, Pressure sensors, pressure gauges, digital pressure scanners and loggers, Air leak testers, Differential pressure transmitter and sensor calibration.

Range :

  •  In house 0- 350 bar, +/- 2500 Pa ONSITE with NABL
  • 0-10 bar,0-500 bar, 0-1100 bar Non NABL

Displacement measuring systems and sensors

Range : +/- 25 mm In house NABL

Temperature Instruments, sensors with Indicator /controllers scanners and Data loggers.

Range : 0-650 deg C Non NABL